Shannon Murray named new 3M Awards Co-ordinator


Murray_Shannon_300The Executive of the 3M Council of National Teaching Fellows is please to have Shannon Murray (University of Prince Edward Island) join us as the new 3M Awards Co-ordinator. The selection committee consisted of Arshad Ahmad (President STLHE), Robert Lapp (President-Elect STLHE), Angie Kolen (Awards Cahir), Debra Dawson (EDC Chair), Jon Houseman (3M Council co-chair) and Sylvia Avery (Admin, STLHE). Shannon brings to the position a long and varied back ground of service to the Society, the 3M Award and the 3M Fellowship. If you haven’t met Shannon watch for her in Kingston and learn more from this short biography that was submitted to the selection committee.

STLHE has meant a great deal to me both professionally and personally. Since I joined first in 1996, I have looked for opportunities to serve the Society: as a board member in charge of memberships; as an adjudicator for the 3M Student Fellowships, the 3M Teaching Fellowships, and the Chris Knapper Award (each for two years); as associate editor for the CJSoTL; and as Co-chair of the 2005 STLHE conference. I would be honoured to serve again in this new role, for a program from which I have gained so much.

I have experience in facilitation in a variety of contexts, from the annual Faculty Development Summer Institute at UPEI (this will be my 12th year) to the 3M National Fellows Retreats. My work as chair of the English Department at UPEI has given me experience in mediating sometime difficult hiring decisions and chairing meetings that are efficient and that ensure that everyone is heard. As Faculty Development Officer on my campus for 5 years, I had the opportunity to facilitate meetings, workshops, and adjudication committees, both large and small; I also handled our small budget.

My most important experiences overseeing a budget are as Chair of a department and as Conference Chair. As Chair for an English Department of 11 full-time faculty and the same number of part-time, I was responsible both for managing the budget and for guiding a departmental budget process and making annual budget submissions. I also chaired two conferences, the 2010 AAU Teaching Showcase and the 2005 STLHE annual conference, and budget was in both cases my responsibility. I am pleased to say that both earned a profit.

Becoming a 3M National Teaching Fellow in 2001 changed my life. I was unsure of the direction I wanted my career to go in at that point, and the Fellowship and the extraordinary experience of my own Montebello retreat gave me the nudge (and the courage) to move in the direction of teaching and learning. I would be honoured to facilitate that kind of experience for others as coordinator of the 3M National Teaching Fellows Program.