September 2016 Communiqué




3M National Teaching Fellowship Award expanded to include all post-secondary instructors. Well, it seems like STLHE 2016 was only a few weeks ago, and we celebrated the 30th year of 3M sponsoring the National Teaching Award and welcomed the 31st cohort of 3M National Teaching Fellows. While STLHE 2016 marked more than the end of 30 years; it was also an exciting new beginning, as all post-secondary instructors are now eligible as nominees for the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. A dedicated team – which included: Shannon Murray, 3M National Teaching Fellowship co-ordinator, Tim Loblaw, the College Sector award coordinator, and the Executive of the 3M Council spent the last year reviewing the Fellowship criteria and had to make only minor adjustments to assure equal eligibility regardless of the post-secondary institution. If you have a colleague who is considering a nomination, be sure to have him or her look over the criteria for this year’s nominations and make a note of the new, later deadline of September 30th 2016 for submissions.

What’s in a name – 3MNTLF / 3MLNEA. A new STLHE constituency has been approved by the 3M Council of National Teaching Fellows and the STLHE Board of Directors. This new constituency consists of all 3M National Teaching Fellows, which starting in 2017 includes all post-secondary educators, past College Sector Award winners (2016 was the last year for the award), and 3M National Student Fellows. The official name is the Council of 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows in Higher Education / Conseil des lauréats nationaux 3M en enseignement et en apprentissage dans l’enseignement supérieur, or in short the 3M Council / Conseil 3M. Why is it a Council? It’s a subgroup of STLHE. Members of the Council are 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows (3MNTLF) / 3M Lauréats nationaux en enseignement et en apprentissage (3MLNEA). Learn more about the rationale for the New Council by following these links to “A proposal for a new Council of 3M Fellows,” and the subsequent update: both are available on the Council’s website.

Call for a nominations committee and nominees. We currently have four vacancies for positions as members-at-large on the Executive of the 3M Council, The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary Treasurer are elected from the members-at-large. Before we can fill these positions we need to strike a nominations committee consisting of one member of the Executive (Esther Enns) and two additional Fellows. The job of the Committee is to identify 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows who are willing to serve on the new Council’s executive. This is a great opportunity to become involved in, and help guide, the 3M Council in its “Recognizing Academic Leadership” initiative that was launched at STLHE 2016. If you are interested please contact Council Secretary, Jon Houseman by September 20th.