December 2016 Communiqué





ballot3M Council Election of Executive. We had seven excellent nominations for the three vacant positions on the 3M Council Executive. When the ballots were counted, there was a tie for third place. In order accommodate the tie an additional executive position was created and our new executive members are: Heather Carroll (3MNSF 2014), Aline Germain-Rutherford (3MNTF 2005), Jon Houseman (3MNTF 2007), and Pat Maher (3MNTF 2014). Each is a member-at-large and at the first meeting of the Executive the positions of Secretary/Treasurer and Vice-chair will be filled from the members-at-large. Thank-you to everyone who agreed to be nominated. The Council’s success is based entirely on its members volunteering and to have so many express an interest in the Executive as a good sign of the Council’s health.

reminderReminders. There are some very important deadlines coming up in the New Year, be sure you don’t miss these:

  • 2017 SoLE Grant ($7,500) deadline – January 15, 2017. (Read more)
  • Welcome to my Classroom sessions at STLHE 2017 – deadline for all 2017 STLHE proposals, including Welcome Sessions, is December 21, 2016. (Read more)
  • 3M National Student Fellowship deadline for submission of Nomination packages for 2017 is January 31, 2017 (Read more)

C3m-councilouncil of 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows. Along with various upgrades and changes to the website associated with the new members of Council (3M National Student Fellows and the 2012-2016 College Sector Educator’s Awards) a complete membership list for the Council has been created. We are in the process of making the list searchable and dynamic and hope to have this up and running in the New Year.

3M Fellows Speaker’s List. Last year we created the Speakers list of 3M Fellows who were willing to speak about their areas of experience and expertise in Teaching Innovation and Educational Leadership. The 3M Fellows represent a rich resource and the Council created the Speakers List believing that we should let the Post-secondary Educational Community across Canada know more about us and this potential. If you would like to update your profile or add your name and a statement of your expertise or topic you would like to speak on to the Speakers List please contact Jon Houseman (

ifntfInternational Federation of National Teaching Fellows. The IFNTF was founded in 2016 and 3M Fellows Elizabeth Wells, and Shannon Murray serve on the Federation Executive as Co-Presidents and Secretary. Learn more about the federation and how you can join by using this link. A call for 25-minute papers on “Defining Teaching Excellence within the Disciplines” for the World Summit in Birmingham UK February 16-18th has been posted – the deadline is Dec 16, 2016.