2012 Annual General Meeting Notes (Minutes)

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(Although this session is an Annual General Meeting our intention is to keep it informal. A brief review of the Fellowships activities over the past year would be presented and the financial accounting for the year will be posted on the 3M Fellows web site. The business at hand for this AGM is to, through the visioning session, set new goals and objectives for the Fellowship in the coming years,)

Ron Smith welcomed everyone that had found the room, and a special welcome two new Executive members of the council Glen and Lisa. We also say goodbye to Mercedes and Ron, who have finished their four year terms on the Executive. Also welcome to Elizabeth Wells as the new chair and Jon Houseman as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Executive.

Ron provided a brief list of the accomplishments of the Executive over the last year. Most important was the 3M National Student Award and the winners will be a part of the closing plenary session for the STLHE conference. We welcome also the new 2012 cohort to the Fellowship and we’ll meet them at the banquet. We have new bylaws and a grant to work on the improvement of the web site which currently has two of our publications online. Finally about 60 of the fellows have responded to our survey that we are using to guide us in the future.

Elizabeth introduced Alex Fancy and Ron Smith, or first and past chair of the executive, to read from “Making a Difference” to set the tone for our deliberations today. In a slide presentation Elizabeth introduced the Tag line for the visioning session: Advocacy, Support, Sharing and Influence. The proposed new bylaws of the 3M Fellowship contain a new series of Mission statements for the Fellows and the new aims and goals of the Fellowship were presented.

The Visioning session that we are having today comes from the results of an initial survey of the Fellows for the 25th anniversary and the survey just prior to this year’s STLHE Conference. These results are available on the 3M Fellows web site and they were briefly summarized by Elizabeth. The demographic of the response showed that fellows who had recently received their award are more likely to engage in activities of the fellowship. In the survey the participants were asked about: communication strategies, mentoring strategies, communities of practice, pedagogy and innovation, advocacy initiatives, and partnerships and funding. Of these Fellows expressed an interest in being involved in four areas: communication, mentorship, advocacy and pedagogical innovations. But, an overall theme was the sense of community that the Fellows want to sustain through local communities and working with other 3M Fellows. Elizabeth then summarized some of the suggestion made in the survey for each of these four areas.