Annual Report 2016

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2016 Report of the Council of 3M National Fellows
for Teaching and Learning in  Higher Education

2016 was a transformative year for the 3M Council as we prepared to welcome college sector in future cohorts of Fellows. In consultation with 3M Canada, and the STLHE Board, the groundwork to include the College Sector in the 3M National Teaching Fellowship was finalized and the criteria for the 3M National Student Fellowship were made more inclusive for all post-secondary students in Canada. Given these changes, the existing members of the 3M Council approved a new name, the Council of 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows in Higher Education, which reflected the addition of the 2012-2016 College Sector Award winners and the 3M Student Fellows as members of the more inclusive Council.


[/media-credit] By far the biggest event of 2016 was the celebration of the 30th year of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. Here past coordinators present a list of all the Fellows to 3M Canada.

2016 also marked the 30th anniversary of 3M National Teaching Fellowship. This landmark, and the 31st cohort of teaching Fellows were celebrated at STLHE 2016 in London. We also recognized the contributions of three members of the Executive who completed their terms in June: Lisa Dickson, Jon Houseman and Elizabeth Wells. The year closed with a call for executive nominations from the membership of the new Council and resulted in the election of Aline Germain-Rutherford, Pat Maher and Heather Carroll, and the re-election of Jon Houseman to the 3M Council Executive. We also introduced new initiatives to engage 3M Fellows in deepening our understanding of educational leadership which been identified as one of the pillars of the fellowship – the other being educational innovation.

There has been renewed emphasis on communication. With the addition of new Fellows to the Council, we increased our efforts to keep members informed and involved in the Council and its activities by updating the website and reinitiating the 3M Council Communique.

Finally, the decision was made in 2016 to have the 3M National Teaching Fellows retreat return to the original site for this event: Fairmont Chateau Montebello. For the past five years, the retreat had taken place at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. The return to Montebello will take effect with the 2017 cohort of 3M National Teaching Fellows.

Criteria for the 3M National Teaching Fellowship and the 3M National Student Fellowship.


[/media-credit] Maureen Connolly, 3M National Student Fellowship Award Coordinator.

The 2016 call for nominations for both the teaching fellowship and the student fellowships included the changes that had been made to the criteria which made both awards more inclusive for all post-secondary teachers and students in Canada. Changes to both awards affected teachers and students from the Colleges and related institutions. Tim Loblaw, STLHE Chair of the STLHE Standing Committee for College Advocacy, provided valuable input and guidance in the Councils discussions.

For a number of years there had been discussion on accepting nominations for the 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award from the College Sector. 3M Canada was approached and approved the change. At its meeting in January, the 3MNTF adjudication team, including Tim Loblaw and Tim Howard, made the required changes to nomination documents, including the use of “Canadian University or College” throughout the document. By his participation in the adjudication process, Tim Loblaw confirmed that the adjudication process was consistent with practices used for the College Sector Educators Award. The STLHE Board reviewed the changes at its February meeting, and these changes were implemented in the 2017 call for 3MNTF Nomination.


[/media-credit] Shannon Murray, 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award Coordinator.

The original wording of the nomination criteria for the 3MNSF award precluded many college students because it would not allow nominations from student in the first or last year of their programs. The same restrictive criteria affected graduate students and other post-secondary professional programs. With the approval of 3M Canada, the nomination criteria were changed to a minimum of one year of post secondary study. Maureen Connolly and the 3M Council have consulted with Tim Loblaw and Roselyn Verwoord to create a new call that was inclusive of all post-secondary institutions. This was done by using general terms to refer to all post-secondary students throughout the nomination criteria. To guarantee the success of the projects, the nomination criteria include information on the project which is coordinated by two project coordinators. The STLHE Board reviewed the changes at its June meeting and these were implemented in the 2017 call for 3MNSF Nominations.

A special word of thanks to our 3M Awards coordinators: Shannon Murray (3MNTF) and Maureen Connolly (3MNSF) who make these awards programs the success that they are.

Creation of the New Council of 3M National Fellows for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education


Fellows of the new 3M Council are 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows.

Since it was first created in 1985 the 3MNTF award recognized leadership and innovation by Canadian University teachers. A parallel award for College Sector instructors, the College Sector Educator’s Award, was created in 2012 the same year that the first 3M National Student Fellowships were awarded. All three awards recognized educational leadership and while one group, the 3MNTFs, had an organizational unit to pursue their common interests there was no such organization for the College Sector Award winners and the Student Fellows. The Council Executive felt that bringing these three groups together would allow members of groups to participate in a larger and more inclusive group and that by including Teaching and Learning in the Council’s name would allow for multiple aims and objectives relating to the to the broader concepts and issues in post-secondary education. The new Council would also provide a home for the students if they continue with an interest in educational leadership.

Initial discussions on creating a new more inclusive Council started in 2015 and in 2016 the structure and composition of the New Council of 3M National Fellows for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education / Conseil des lauréats nationaux 3M d’excellence en enseignement et en apprentissage dans l’enseignement supérieur was finalized and presented to the membership in an initial proposal and subsequent update published on the Council web site and included an online discussion form. Based on the positive feedback from the discussion forum new by-laws were drafted and approved by an online ballot by the members. The new Council held its first elections in the Fall and there were seven nominations for the three vacant positions on the 3M Council Executive including nominees from the student and college award winners. To accommodate a tie for third place the executive was expanded and Heather Carroll (3MNSF 2014), Aline Germain-Rutherford (3MNTF 2005), Jon Houseman (3MNTF 2007), and Pat Maher (3MNTF 2014) joined the Executive.

Continued Promotion of Educational Leadership


[/media-credit] Participants at the special session: Recognizing Educational Leadership held at STLHE 2016 in London.

After several years of work on promoting the importance of educational leadership for nominees to the 3M Fellowship, it had become evident that there is a lack of clarity around the meaning of the term. The 3M Council Executive recognized that there was opportunity to provide service to the Fellowship program and to members by addressing the nature of educational leadership and the support needed to develop this quality as a component of teaching and learning.

Following through on initiatives undertaken in 2014 and 2015, the Council held a retreat on the day of the STLHE 2016 Pre-Conference at Fanshawe College in London. Members were invited to the session entitled Recognizing Educational Leadership in Education to engage in discussions that would elicit the diversity of ideas around educational leadership and point to challenges faced by faculty in developing their profile as educational leaders. The purpose of the retreat was to come to a nuanced understanding of how 3M Fellows understand educational leadership, and what kind of support they imagine to be beneficial for developing as educational leaders.


[/media-credit] Pat Maher presented the results of his and TA Loeffler’s project supported by the 3M Council’s SoLE grant

It was the hope of Council that the information gathered at this retreat would provide insight into the role and engagement of 3M Fellows in educational leadership as well as increase awareness about this dimension of post-secondary education among 3M Fellows.

The recipients of the Council’s first grant for Scholarship of Leadership in Education (SoLE), Pat Maher and TA Loeffler, offered a session at STLHE 2016 to share the results of their study: Are We Experientially Disconnected? Understanding Experiential Learning Within Distinct Realms of Higher Education in Atlantic Canada. The goal of their research is to understand how experiential learning is employed and promoted with a view to effecting change in practices relating to student engagement in social justice projects done in experiential learning formats.

The second offering of SoLE grants was announced in 2016, and a call for proposals was published among members. It is expected that the review process will be completed in early 2017.

Events to Engage the 3M Council Members


[/media-credit] 3M Reunion Dinner at the Windermere Manor on the campus of Western University

The Welcome to my Classroom Session has become a popular recurring event at the annual STLHE conference and 2016 was no exception. Welcome to my Classroom is scheduled as an interactive session in the conference program and showcases the teaching of 3M National Teaching Fellows. Presenters give a sample interactive class suitable for first-year students or a general audience. Welcome to my Classroom sessions in London at STLHE 2016 included:

  • Welcome to my Classroom: Establishing Relevance via embodied engagement – Maureen Connolly (3MNTF-2003),
  • Welcome to My Classroom – The Two Hour Taskforce on Barriers to Educational Innovation – Tom Haffie (3MNTF-1995),
  • Welcome to my classroom: Empowering Learners by Creating Human Connection – William B. Strean (3MNTF-2011), and
  • Welcome to my Classroom: Three Ways of Looking at Hamlet – Shannon K. Murray (3MNTF-2001), Jessica Riddell (3MNTF-2015), and Lisa Dickson (3MNTF-2011).

As always, the 3M Fellows Reunion Dinner was well attended with 55 Fellows, including the 2016 3M Student Fellows. Along with the traditional roll call by year, Liisa Sheldrick from 3M Canada spoke on the importance of the relationship between 3M Canada and the Fellows. In addition to a great meal in an attractive setting, the reunion dinner continues to be a lively exchange of ideas and experiences from old and new Fellows.


[/media-credit] Mike Atkinson and Lissa Sheldrick (3M Canada) at the 3M Reunion dinner.

The Human Library at STLHE 2016 was a new initiative by the 3MCouncil Executive. The idea is drawn from the work of a number of major public libraries who established the concept as a way of facilitating conversations and discussions with individuals in real time. A patron can “check out” a human library participant by approaching them for a “loan period” and ask questions, spark discussion, and interact with their human “book.” Our plan was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship by having 30 3M Fellows be books available for a 30 minute loan. While we fell short of the 30, we had 20 books available. Although some logistic issues arose with this inaugural event, the 3M Council Executive plans to once again offer the library at STLHE 2017 in Halifax.

The 3M Council’s website is a key resource for Fellows wishing to engage in the Council’s initiatives. During the past year, the 3M Council website has undergone repairs resulting from the website hack in February. Revisions and reorganization have also been undertaken. ABORG Computing Inc was hired by the Society and repaired a number of damaged pages, templates and recovered the lost photo galleries on the Council’s website. In addition to these fixes, some of the most major ones were associated with the new Council: by-laws were updated, and Student Fellows and College Sector Educator Award winners were added. In addition to the website being renewed as a key resource for engaging the Fellows, the monthly Communique was revived in September and distributed to all Fellows.

Respectfully submitted,
Esther E. Enns, Chair of the 3M Council
Executive Members: Heather Carroll, Maureen Connolly,
Aline Germain-Rutherford, Jon Houseman, Pat Maher,
Shannon Murray, Jessica Riddell, Roselynn Verwood
February, 2017