Ruth Rogers (2012)

Affiliation at the time of the award: Durham College

Citation: Ruth Rodgers believes that the most successful and effective college teachers are those who recognize the need to make the shift from “subject matter expert” to “teacher of subject matter.” She says, “If we are to maintain public credibility and respect, and continue to respond to the changing nature of our student population and programming, we must take our primary profession—teaching— seriously.” Because Ruth is a firm believer in the value of collaborative learning, many of her initiatives over her more than thirty year career in the college sector have facilitated peer support and knowledge sharing.

Supporters of Ruth’s candidacy for the CSEC award cited her “thoughtful and inspiring responses to…teaching questions and challenges,” her “constant encouragement, honesty and amazing ability to provide a sensible solution,” and her “passion to contribute to the knowledge base.” They described her as “a truly dedicated, scholarly, and professional peer leader” and “a committed volunteer, fine facilitator, and someone with much wisdom to share about teaching and learning.” Ruth is the founding Chair of the College Sector Educators Community and also recently completed a 4 year term on the Educational Developers Caucus executive.