Holly Morris (2013)

Affiliation at the time of the award: College of the North Atlantic

Citation: Holly Morris believes that the sharing of ideas and knowledge is the key to teaching excellence. In that spirit, she wears many hats. As an active faculty member, she is known for both her commitment to her students and for her dedication to collaboratively advancing teaching and learning at CNA. In a letter of support, one of Holly’s colleagues writes that “it would be difficult to find anyone as committed to mentorship as Holly is”. For her efforts, Holly received the Mac Turner Professional Development Award in recognition of her substantial personal commitment to her profession.

As our faculty trainer, Holly provides enthusiastic and high-quality instruction on our Learning Management System (D2L) and supports faculty in developing best practices in online teaching. Training participants describe her sessions as “practical”, “tremendous”, and “engaging”. Holly’s reputation as a knowledgeable and experienced trainer puts her in high demand. Our overseas campus in Qatar requested her expertise as they implement D2L for the first time.

In addition to her duties as a full-time Instructor and Faculty Trainer, Holly chairs both program development and professional development committees, and serves on several others. This exemplifies her dedication to academic quality and peer leadership.