Roger Moore (2012)

Affiliation at the time of the award: NorQuest College

Citation: Whether working with classroom students or his colleagues, Roger emphasizes that learning must be energizing, exciting, engaging and focused on construction of knowledge, skills, attitudes and lifelong learning strategies. This enthusiasm is demonstrated in his Instructional Skills Workshops for newer faculty at NorQuest College, where he creates active and engaging learning situations where a co-presenter reported Roger’s “planning was exceptional; very detailed and to the point, yet the delivery was fresh and seemed spontaneous.” With this outlook, he is one of the original members of the College’s faculty mentoring team that believes “effective teaching skills, responsiveness to learners, and collegial support are keys to teaching excellence.”

In addition, Roger took these beliefs to Belize, where he worked with teachers to help them to facilitate teaching workshops for their colleagues. One participant remarked “I strongly believe if all of us attended your workshop, utilize the methodologies taught, education in Toledo District, Belize will advance to another level.” With his past experiences to guide him, Roger continues to teach, facilitate, present and collaborate to create energizing, exciting and engaging learning situations that make sure that ‘learning is not a spectator sport’ and as a colleague suggested “Roger, you’re an optimistic inspiration.”