Denise Gardner (2012)

Affiliation at the time of the award: Humber College

Citation: Denise’s teaching philosophy includes that she engages students by creating learning environments that provide for autonomy, through varied instructional strategies and assessment methodologies. She promotes purpose and mastery of skills that are important to students, so that intrinsic motivation drives students to achieve their best. For her efforts, “Denise was honoured with Humber College’s Distinguished Faculty Award”.

Denise is an active member of the School ofHospitality, Recreation and Tourism’s Academic and Program Excellence Committee dedicated to faculty mentoring, new faculty orientation and workshops to promote an environment of teaching and learning excellence. “Denise has an ongoing dedication to both student and faculty success in terms of transformative learning”. During her secondment to Humber’s Centre for Teaching & Learning Denise has been engaged in developing a cultural competencies framework, creating and delivering workshops and resources to support faculty teaching international students.

As noted in one letter of support, “Denise’s outstanding student feedback, her leadership in college curriculum development and innovation and her stewardship of professional development activities are reflective of her visionary leadership and dedication to education”.