Dianne Bateman (2014)

batemanAffiliation at the time of the award: Champlain St-Lambert College

Citation: Dianne has been a member of the English Department at Champlain St-Lambert College for 34 years. Because her PhD is in educational psychology, she spends most of her time studying teaching and learning and sharing her expertise and experience with her students and colleagues.

For Dianne leadership is about empowering others. Her research on assessment is meant to help students recognize and use the power they have over their own learning empower, while her research on curriculum alignment helps teachers embrace their expertise in their subject-matter, collaborate with each other and produce programs of study marked by coherence, relevance and quality.

Dianne was one of the founders of the Master Teachers Program, a graduate program that offers college teachers who already have a Masters or PhD in their field, a certificate, diploma and/or Masters in college teaching. This program now serves 22 colleges in Quebec.

Dianne speaks of her practice as circular. According to Dianne, an expert never develops their expertise in isolation. Her teaching and research nurtures the partnerships she shares with her CEGEP students, her graduate students, and her CEGEP teacher-students who seek the same understandings she seeks. Perhaps that explains her passion for and commitment to her profession.