Chris Adams (2013)

Affiliation at the time of the award: Dawson College

Citation: Chris is a dynamic educator and social entrepreneur. He has presented hundreds of workshops for educators on topics including environmental leadership, school as community and project development. His passion for teaching and his ability to engage students and teachers in complex projects benefitting their community has been recognized nationally and internationally.

Chris’ holistic viewpoint emphasizes the concept that the heart comes first and then action. He truly believes a nourished mind and spirit will lead to greater change than technology or money. He not only evaluates success of projects through traditional measured outcomes, but also whether the cohesion of a working group of educators and students is maintained or even increased by the process set in place.

Chris constantly reminds himself to honor a student’s voice. When this happens in a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to risk-taking, he states “we can begin to witness the writers, speakers, artists and scientists in all of us”.