Steve Joordens (2015)

Department of Psychology / Département de psychologie
University of Toronto / Université de Toronto
2015 3MNTF Steve Joordens_web

Steve Joordens is an educational activist. Like so many who teach first-year Psychology, Steve routinely faces classes of 1700+ students, but rather than bemoan the problems of the megaclass, he invents solutions. His technological innovations – peerScholar, mtuner, Digital Labcoat – help students feel like they are part of an intimate discussion, no matter where they are in the world. Witness this message from one of his students: “I have just completed the 2 mtuners and I am feeling so awesome now! It’s 6 a.m in Vietnam, and a new day comes with a lot of energy after a sleepless night! I want to say THANK YOU!”

His spirit of innovation brought him to the attention of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which funded the transformation of his face-to-face class into a MOOC: a Massive Open Online Course. Steve believes that education is the best way we have to improve lives and living conditions around the world, and to that end, he contributes his expertise and that of his lab the Global Teenager Project, an initiative that brings young people from 40 different countries together to learn about issues of child rights in learning circles. An innovator, activist, and passionate lecturer, Steve Joordens uses his classroom to bring the world together.


Steve Joordens est un activiste en matière d’éducation. Comme beaucoup d’autres professeurs qui enseignent des cours de première année de psychologie, Steve doit souvent enseigner à des classes de plus de 1700 étudiants, mais plutôt que de se lamenter sur les problèmes que posent les méga-classes, il invente des solutions. Ses innovations technologiques – peerScholar, mtuner, Digital Labcoat – aident les étudiants à avoir le sentiment de faire partie d’une discussion intime, où qu’ils se trouvent dans le monde. Regardez ce message d’une de ses étudiantes : « Je viens de terminer 2 “mtuners” et je me sens en pleine forme maintenant! Il est 6 heures du matin au Vietnam et cette nouvelle journée se présente avec beaucoup d’énergie après une nuit sans sommeil! Je tenais à dire MERCI! »

Son sens de l’innovation a attiré sur lui l’attention de la Fondation Bill et Melinda Gates, qui a subventionné la transformation de sa classe en face à face en cours en ligne ouvert et massif (MOOC). Steve pense que l’éducation est la meilleure manière d’améliorer la vie et les conditions de vie partout dans le monde et à cette fin, il apporte son expertise et celle de son laboratoire, le Global Teenager Project, une initiative qui rassemble des jeunes de 40 pays différents pour s’informer sur des questions concernant les droits des enfants dans les cercles d’apprentissage. Steve Joordens, un innovateur, un activiste et un enseignant passionné, utilise sa salle de classe pour rassembler le monde.

3M Speaker
I am a Psychologist … my graduate research focused on human memory and the distinction between conscious and unconscious influences. I guess to many I am considered an “expert” on human memory. More recently though my research has focused more on learning, especially in the context of education, and I’ve been trying hard to show how effectively designed and instantiated technology can enhance such things as critical thought, and both expressive and receptive communication in any class context, including very large and/or online classes. I am currently teaching an Introduction to Psychology MOOC for the second time, so I know a little about MOOCs and educational trends in general. Finally, I am passionate about issues related to animal ethics and am always willing to speak on that.