Rosemary Polegato (2014)

Polegato-webAffiliation at the time of the award: Mount Allison University.

Citation: “I tend two gardens.” Dr. Rosemary Polegato tends the first from May until August, but otherwise, she toils in the garden of teaching and learning. Her strategies, based on reflection, community, and appreciation of beauty and self, encourage students to become co-creators of their own learning, rooted in landscapes of their own making.

Teachers and gardeners begin each season optimistic, but they are not naïve or afraid of toil; indeed, Rosemary thrives in such a landscape. Her unique courses marry business studies with arts and culture, and explore the intersections between consumers and the environment. Rosemary facilitates autonomy, yet establishes clear learning outcomes. She makes student learning portfolios the capstone assignment in most courses.

Rosemary has built vibrant relationships with the Arts and Culture sector, creating internships and experiential learning opportunities. Her students organize much-lauded events to celebrate Culture Days (New Brunswick). Hailed as “an inspiration and shining example of how the university and community can collaborate,” Rosemary’s work with Culture Days has gained national recognition. Authenticity and caring are her hallmarks, distinguishing every encounter with students and colleagues, who praise her exceptional mentoring. The seeds she plants blossom in others’ practice. Her nominator says, Rosemary “exudes a calm generosity,” helping her to cultivate widespread respect.

3M Speaker
Discipline of Study / Research Field:

  • Marketing/Consumer Behaviour;
  • Arts and Culture Sector.

Presentation Topic/s:

  • What business and the arts can learn from each other;
  • arts management;
  • creative thinking; the Culture Days project;
  • cross-cultural consumer behaviour.