Jacqueline Murray (2014)

Murray-web1Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph, History.

Citation: Jacqueline Murray may be a scholar in medieval history and the Director of the First-Year Seminar Program, but her real talent is teaching outside of her comfort zone, and persuading students to learn outside of theirs. Jacqueline characterizes teaching as an “intellectual aerobic activity” and her success in sharing her passion for life-long learning and for tackling multi-disciplinary, complex problems radiates from comments by her students. ”I came to University to be pushed, to be challenged, and this course exceeded all my expectations.” “This course challenged me to confront who I am and what I want to do.” “I don’t know why I registered in the course but she literally has changed my whole perspective on being at university.”

Jacqueline uses inquiry approaches masterfully to “provide students with opportunities to feel the exhilaration of new knowledge—a new historical time period, a new skill, the sheer delight of an unexpected discovery… I want my students to be empowered by the realization that everything is open to interrogation.” Whether she is leading students on a field trip to the Kalahari, volunteering in Ghana, or lecturing in her history classroom, this remarkable teacher leads by example and by valuing questions more than answers.