Donna Easnor (2014)

Eansor-webAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Windsor.

Citation: Professor Donna Marie Eansor motivates her students to become justice seekers inspired with a passion for justice. Lawyers are persons of privilege, power and influence uniquely situated to make a difference in Canadian society. With privilege comes responsibility.

A servant to the ideals of social justice for nearly thirty years, Professor Eansor has become a nationally- recognized leader in issues of equality, student support, and equitable access to post-secondary education. As one student said: “In an environment of increasing division and institutional change, she remains committed to what professors forever can and should be.”

The recipient of six major teaching awards, Donna Marie remains approachable and according to one student, “Prof. Eansor is there for her students regardless. [She] encouraged me to finish my degree and has lead me down a better path as a result.”

Professor Eansor has expanded her influence through scores of presentations, public lectures, and publications. Her students respect and adore her: “ I like to think of my classes with Prof. Eansor not so much as vertical or didactic but as horizontal and symbiotic. She embodies the concept of an academic who has just as much to learn from her students as they have to learn from her.”