Carole Duncan (2014)

Duncan-webAffiliation at the time of the award: Wilfrid Laurier University, Religion and Culture.

Citation: Carol B. Duncan joins the 3M National Fellowship as a master teacher, a powerful public intellectual, and an exceptional educational leader. Her pioneer contributions to teaching and learning about the African Diaspora have garnered international interest. She ‘ignites intellectual curiosity’ in students across institutions, defies complacency in the politics of education, and commits to a teaching philosophy rooted in an ethic of care. Dr. Duncan adds the Fellowship to an illustrious list of teaching awards starting from her graduate student days and sustained forward across multiple universities.

She has developed 25 courses, many intersecting difficult and contentious subjects in the expansive field of religious and cultural studies. As a skilled storyteller she incorporates a multi-faceted narrative approach to her teaching, including performing and visual arts and the voices of witnesses and commentators. She is nimble in her teaching, integrating current events such as the religion course she taught after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Her support of collaborative arts projects is an example of her ability to integrate classroom learning into the community. As Lawrence Hill observes, ”The ability to unite people and to build bridges between students, activists, and artists is one of Carol’s greatest gifts as an educator.”