Phillipe Caignon (2014)

Caignon-webAffiliation at the time of the award: Concordia University, Département d’études françaises.

Citation: A “guardian-angel” and a “mind-blowing professor,” according to students, Philippe Caignon, in turn, presents them as his “primary care-givers.” He fires this salvo to open his Teaching Philosophy: “Teaching is more than transmitting knowledge. Indeed, the profoundly human aspect of relationships, the emotional class dynamics, and the unique personality of each individual constitute factors bearing on the success of the teaching, which the professor, as much as the students, must take into account.” Does he teach philosophy, or psychology, or education, one could ask? Surprise! Professor Philippe Caignon educates terminologists! In his hands, as fully human beings, they testify repeatedly to his contagious passion, his unconditional respect, his inexhaustible energy, and his ‘overflowing’ kindness.

While “humility,” “discretion,” and even “self-effacement” are on all lips when his colleagues speak of him, Philippe’s professional omnipresence shines on every front, local, provincial, national, and international, wherever “terminological normalization” or “standardization” are on the agenda. Witnessing Caignon’s sophisticated work, we can better appreciate the potent matrix of language, policy, and social justice. The 3M National Teaching Fellowship enriches itself with one whose passion for teaching the “norm” is powerfully “off-norm.”

3M Speaker
Discipline of Study / Research Field: Terminology and Translation

Presentation Topic/s: (In French or English)

  • How learning more about teaching and learning transformed my teaching;
  • The use of mind maps to promote conceptualization of complex disciplines – instead of using concept trees or concept maps, for example;
  • The use of blogs and wikis in teaching: pedagogical reasons, pedagogical problems encountered, and results.