Jordan LeBel (2013)

LeBelAffiliation at the time of the award: Concordia University, John Molson School of Business.

Citation: “Call me Dr. Chocolate,” insists Jordan LeBel, as he breaks through his classroom’s, his department’s, and his university’s walls, answering the call of the media to share his thought-provoking ideas on marketing, a call rapidly expanding to the point of turning him into one of the most powerful ambassadors of expertise in the Academy as a source of tools “to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.”

But as his childhood passion for chocolate expands into a passion for contributing to solving global issues, ranging from fair trade to malnutrition, ‘out-reach’ flips into ‘in-reach,’ the world-wide scene, in turn, brings him to break inwards through his university’s, his Department’s, and his classrooms’ walls—class becoming world. “Students often make distinctions between the classroom and ‘the real world.’ I don’t!” he writes. “It is his ability to make connections, breaking free of siloed thinking, and seeing as possible what others describe as unachievable …” that most essentially characterizes him, one colleague writes.

“This class is amazing … The teacher is incredible … With Prof. LeBel you don’t just get an education in marketing, you get an education, period,” the students write. We write, “Welcome to the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, Jordan!”

3M Speaker
Discipline of Study / Research Field:

  • marketing, consumer psychology, food & beverage, sensory and experience marketing, public relations and communication strategy

Presentation Topic/s:

  • Consumer food choices, food/beverage/foodservice marketing
  • Communication strategy
  • Sensory & experience marketing
  • Self/personal marketing, branding and workplace etiquette (for entrepreneurs, artists, job seekers)
  • Chocolate, including chocolate and wine pairing
  • Restaurant concept development