June Larkin (2013)

larkinAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Toronto, Women and Gender Studies Institute.

Citation: “This course is life changing.” “All of my previous values and morals are being questioned and I love it.” These student exemplars highlight the stellar teaching and deep learning fostered through social engagement and “questioning of taken-for-granted assumptions that inform our worldview” of June Larkin’s classes.

Connecting students to real-life experiences through meaningful social interaction in the local communities of Toronto and internationally in Namibia and Belize, June empowers her students to apply, assess, and revise their knowledge about social justice. Taking her cue from Nelson Mandela, June shares her teaching philosophy, “I want students to see the transformative power of their academic knowledge. In providing a learning environment that encourages community connections and global awareness I hope to equip them with the toolkit and passion to affect social change through the process of meaningful civic engagement.”

A pioneer for Service Learning in New College, June creates a learning environment extending beyond the university walls. An exceptional educational leader, June collaboratively transformed the undergraduate curriculum by creating courses, programs, and community-university partnerships unique in Canada in Women’s and Gender Studies and Equity Studies. Credited with “extraordinary in mentoring and collaboration”, June is deeply devoted to the development of her students and colleagues.