Mark Goldszmidt (2013)

GoldszmidtAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario, Medicine and Dentistry.

Citation: Mark Goldszmidt approaches teaching by carving out space for learning in his sometimes chaotic and stressful clinical settings. Medical students on clinical rotation with Dr. Goldszmidt quickly learn bedside medicine is about taking time for communication as much as it is about diagnosis, about listening as much as speaking.

During rounds, students at his side, Mark models how to teach patients and families by asking the right questions and listening very carefully to their conversation. His students learn clinical work is not just about diagnosis and prescription, but about taking time and creating space to perceive what patients are feeling, even when they do not explicitly express their emotions. He models how to ask carefully crafted questions, and later discusses his reasons for asking specific questions the way he does. His students see how he intentionally attends to “clinical skills that cannot be taught in the lecture hall.” Mark suggests “the most effective learning takes place when the question being answered arises from learners themselves”, and those learners might be medical students, patients, or families.

Mark Goldszmidt is an outstanding clinical educator who is creating generations of physicians we hope to find at our own bedsides some day.