Darren Dahl (2013)

Dahl2Affiliation at the time of the award: University of British Columbia, Saunder School of Business.

Citation: Dr. Darren Dahl awakens students’ imagination through innovative, engaging, and often unconventional teaching strategies allowing his students to explore a different approach and way of thinking regarding their education and chosen field of Business. According to one student, “His way of teaching offered tangibility to subjects that seemed so irrelevant and foreign to me at the time. Gifted with the ability to connect meaningfully with his students, Darren’s teaching philosophy is student-centered and “achieved through passion, innovation, dialogue, and the ability to effectively challenge the student.”

Innovation, opportunity, creativity, and the possibility of Dragon’s Den© are at the core of the New Venture Design course Darren co-created combining students in business and engineering and where students must now apply to gain entry. Darren’s inspirational style and ability to lead by example are noted as “particularly forceful”. Darren continually reflects upon and seeks ways to further improve his own teaching practice. He inspires, leads by example, mentors, supports, and is generous as he validates others’ efforts to become better teachers.

Generous with his resources and time, Darren willingly takes risk to advocate for and to evoke change to foster transformative learning for his students and others.