Sue Vajoczki (2012)

vajoczkiAffiliation at the time of the award: McMaster University, School of Geography and Earth Sciences.

Citation: Whether it is teaching or educational leadership, Sue Vajoczki’s influence transforms students, teachers, and others involved in student learning. Willing to take risks, Sue’s commitment to student-centered teaching is evident in her creation of unique experiences for students through research grants, internships, and exchange opportunities in Canada and abroad. Sue includes experiential learning regardless of class size and students enthusiastically speak of its transformational effects: “Having a hands-on-approach required us to truly understand the material instead of just memorizing the answers. Instead of surface (and transient) knowledge, this approach gave me a cognitive (and lasting) understanding of the material.”

Intrigued by an insatiable desire to understand how students learn and what helps to augment their learning, Sue musters a variety of teaching methods, evaluates, reflects, and reacts accordingly. This evidence-informed approach has also resulted in Sue’s becoming a prolific presenter and author on the subject of her teaching methods. Her scholarship of teaching and learning and her pedagogical influences range farther and deeper. One international colleague characterizes Sue as “a rising star in higher education research and development nationally and internationally.”

Sue, working with contagious, boundless energy and enthusiasm, continues to enhance McMaster’s Centre for Leadership and Learning to an active, accessible, and influential resource.

Obituary: Sue Passed away peacefully with her loving husband by her side, after a determined, valiant battle with cancer, at the Stedman Community Hospice on Saturday, October 6, 2012. —Read more