Adam Sarty (2011)

Adam-SartyAffiliation at the time of the award: Saint Mary’s University, Astronomy and Physics.

Citation: Adam Sarty’s teaching style varies dramatically to adapt to different audiences, from first-year to graduate students, from new colleagues to established scholars, from school children to the community at large. A zealous missionary for his discipline and his profession, “Adam is the sort of faculty member Deans dream of.” He is a model of teaching excellence and educational leadership, roles that are not separated in Adam’s case, but integrated, reinforcing, and sustaining. “Few faculty, in any institution, have had such a tremendous impact in so short a period of time”. Seven major awards in ten years are testament to his teaching, leadership and community outreach.

His students express it this way: “Humourous! Enthusiastic! Knowledgeable! Amazing! Best teacher ever!” As one sign of the times, they even created a Facebook page titled, “The Dr. Adam Sarty Experience”. Over time, and in many ways, Adam Sarty has shown that he is an exceptional communicator, a gifted teacher and an excellent role model.