Leslie Reid (2011)

Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Calgary, Geoscience.

Citation: Leslie Reid is the University of Calgary’s first Tamaratt Professor in Geoscience, a position remarkable because it is the University’s first professorship in teaching. Anchored by the conviction “teaching should not be private,” because professors learn from students and from one another, Leslie created “Project Engage.”

She is dedicated not only to making herself a better teacher, but also her colleagues. The Engage program reaches far beyond her discipline and enhances teaching of first-year classes throughout the Faculty of Arts and Science. Leslie has received dozens of teaching awards, and her student evaluation comments illustrate why: they included so many variations on “enthusiastic” the thesaurus became red hot.

A colleague in the English Department says, “Leslie has had an extraordinary and direct effect on my own teaching.” Hers are the classes students want to be in. If Leslie Reid achieves her goals, students will want to be in classes taught by everyone at the University of Calgary.