Nick Mount (2011)

Mount-PhotoAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Toronto, English.

Citation: “As I entered Professor Mount’s classroom, ‘Literature for Our Time,’ my first class at U of T, I did not expect to hear music. But, emanating from the dimly lit interior of the auditorium, spilling beyond the door, across the terrace, and causing sparrows and first-years’ nervous expressions alike to take flight, it was music I heard!” The music in Nick Mount’s 15- to 500-student classes enters the fabric of the lecturing itself. “Professor Mount’s lectures are songs,” songs where “everything is made literature.” “I’ve even got friends who attend the lectures out of sheer enjoyment.” “This is one of the most interesting and inspiring courses I have taken in five years, one of the best courses I’ll ever take.” Nick’s efforts to reach beyond his classrooms are relentless, counseling and inspiring colleagues on matters of teaching and learning across his campus and his country. Students applaud his teaching, and so do we.