Maureen Mancuso (2011)

maureenmancusoAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph, Political Science.

Citation: Maureen Mancuso is a trailblazer with a string of notable achievements and tireless passion, enthusiasm and commitment to learning and teaching.Her career is one of exemplary firsts, including the first woman to be appointed Provost and Vice-President at the University of Guelph. But Maureen has never been content with simply achieving status. Rather, she uses her leadership positions to advocate for educational reforms. She has continued teaching as an administrator and encourages her students to question what they are learning and why.

Her “re-imagining” of undergraduate education at Guelph has enabled first-year students to take small-group classes that span disciplines. Outside of the classroom, she is a role model and mentor. She has led and participated in numerous efforts to help ensure that education is within reach for all who aspire to attain it. Such changes are not easy to achieve. They require tenacity and selflessness—qualities Maureen possesses and uses effectively. Her dedication to improving the quality of education is truly inspiring.