Arne Kislenko (2011)

KislenkoAffiliation at the time of the award: Ryerson University, History.

Citation: Arne Kislenko has established and maintained not only a remarkable teaching reputation. He has also cemented an equally extraordinary reputation as an international scholar of international relations. As one student eloquently remarks, “He has this unique ability to teach in ways that establish, for us, a personal connection with the historical narrative.”

With Arne, his students make “pilgrimages” to the annual conferences of the Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies. Imagine, as a student, going to such a conference, escorted by an ex-intelligence officer turned award-winning professor of history! Arne also devotes hours to personal mentoring and guidance,” a mentorship extending also to his Ryerson teaching colleagues.

Arne offers teaching seminars, workshops, and personal consultations. His pedagogical research is substantial, as is work with provincial, national, and international educational bodies. One student sees Arne Kislenko “as a model of teaching and academic perfection for our nation.” High praise. Deserved praise.