Elizabeth Wells (2010)

Elizabeth-WellsAffiliation at the time of the award: Mount Allison University, Music.

Citation: Last April, Dr. Elizabeth Wells stood to introduce a concert featuring the best in-class performances by students from her new Beatles course. “I’m Dr. Elizabeth Wells,” she said – and the room erupted into deafening cheers: “Best professor ever!” Symphonically, Elizabeth Wells blends the characteristics of exceptional teacher and influential leader. Her research into music pedagogy is both elegant and distinguished. Her powerful contributions to other teachers in her discipline, through practical, research-based workshops and presentations, changes pedagogy.

But, in the end, Elizabeth insists, “What good students want in a university education is good teachers. No one looks back on their 20-year college reunion remarking on the number of NSERC grants their professors received, or the sheen on a lovely new floor, or even a well-stocked library. They remember good teachers and good teaching.’

A former student cannot hold back her enthusiasm: “I have never seen a more effective classroom teacher” than Elizabeth Wells. Her career has instilled her passion for music in other teachers and, most importantly, in her students.

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  • Integrating the Arts into everyday life
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