Angela Kolen (2010)

Angie_ThompsonAffiliation at the time of the award: St. Francis Xavier University, Human Kinetics.

Citation: “Angie is an activist and personal role model who was the most influential force during my time at St. FX.” Many students echo this view, saying they have been inspired, even transformed, by this charismatic teacher of human kinetics who embodies and celebrates their own aspiration to wellness, energetic enquiry, and social engagement. She lives out her university’s traditional commitment to service-learning and social justice, as she challenges her students to become advocates for health promotion in their communities and in the world.

The transformative magic begins in her classes, where she and her students are a team who warm up their minds, work out, and cool down. Her commitment to students is unconditional: “She teaches her students first and her courses second.” True to the code of ethics and responsibility she shares with her students, Angie reaches out to places as diverse as Antigonish and a Ugandan village, supporting young people whose health and intellectual development are at risk.

3M Speaker
Discipline of Study / Research Field:

  • Human Kinetics,
  • Children,
  • physical activity,
  • sedentary behaviour,
  • obesity,
  • health,
  • hands-on learning experiences (i.e., service learning)

Presentation Topic/s: Health (with a focus on disease prevention/postponement),

  • stress management,
  • adding physical activity to your everyday,
  • behaviour change,
  • children and their physical activity (or lack thereof), etc.

I can talk about a LOT of different things related to physical activity, sedentary behaviours and health overall.