Alan Morgan (2010)

Alan-Morgan-Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Waterloo, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Citation: This down-to-earth yet renowned geology teacher has had a stellar influence on students, one of whom remembers him as having “made all the difference; I could not stay indifferent.” His environmental concerns, diverse strategies and use of technology underscore the presence of the gifted teacher in their midst.

His students are engaged by the clarity and resonance of his Welsh voice; enthralled by his rich, personal, world-wide experience; and inspired as they discover how this dedicated geology teacher has shaped the delivery of his subject, in Canada and beyond. Alan Morgan’s enthusiasm for his discipline has reached many thousands of people beyond his university: aspiring young scientists who read his texts on geoscience careers, distance-education students, high-school assemblies, and adult groups including those who enjoy his community Geo TimeTrail.

This recipient of two Royal Society awards for Public Awareness of Science inspires trust in his expertise, experience, and passion, and former students speak of their respect and his encouragement when they remember the larger-than-life pioneer who has shaped both their education and their lives.