Baljit Singh (2009)

baljit singhAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Saskatchewan, Veterinary Biomedical Science.

Citation: “Among all the turmoil within the university, my peace and passion comes from my work, and time spent with the students.” To peace and passion must be added “growth.” Baljit’s teaching philosophy is a fascinating, evolving narrative of discovery, leading to the statement, “Now, I teach.” He is an anatomist; his students call him “one of the best profs on campus.” The first winner, in 2008, of The Provost’s Prize for Innovative Practice in Teaching and Learning and a university Master Teacher, Baljit reaches out with his love of teaching into curriculum revision, mentoring, the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, and published pedagogical research, the ultimate example of the individual mastering the lofty expectations of “the teacher-scholar” model.

The jewel in Baljit’s crown is being founding member of the Faculty in Residence Program. He lives with his family, in a residence hall, interacting with students daily, members of his extended family. Baljit is counselor, mentor, even summer job placement advisor. Workshops, conference papers, high school liaison, recruitment of Aboriginal students, and training international and local graduate students as teachers and researchers—all these add to his Teacher profile, demonstrating his dedication and outreach. He “encourages our individual learning, openly and with humour. Great job!”