Hamzeh Roumani (2009)

RoumaniAffiliation at the time of the award: York University, Computer Science and Engineering.

Citation: “Inspirational, kind, insightful, helpful, enthusiastic, dedicated, superb”—such adjectives consistently describe the awe in which students hold Hamzeh Roumani. They learn not only the practicalities of computer science, but how to make sense of complexity through intense engagement that can only be described as Roumani’s magic. Hamzeh’s philosophy and teaching strategies are as original and insightful as are the ways he conducts himself with his students and his discipline. Famous for the impact of his curricular innovations that have restructured the undergraduate program, his textbook, labs, software tools for feedback, teaching methods, and learning environments have inspired colleagues locally and internationally.

Hamzeh has received many teaching awards from his department, faculty, university, and province. He has disseminated his work through pedagogical publications, special projects, and websites that attract a worldwide audience. He has also worked with the Ontario Ministry of Education and is a founding member of “Best Engineering and Science Teaching,” bringing world-renowned scientists to York. Hamzeh continues to make a profound difference in scores of lives. One student speaks for many: “Professor Roumani’s exceptional ability to stimulate us to think outside the box has changed my academic career and my life.”