Carolyn Eyles (2009)

Carolyn EylesAffiliation at the time of the award: McMaster University, Geography and Earth Sciences.

Citation: Carolyn “was, and still is, my greatest role model. I will strive for the rest of my career to make the kind of impact she makes on her students every day.” A hands-on teacher, dedicated to field work both virtual and real, Carolyn translates the elements of her curricula into exploratory journeys to Costa Rica, the Rockies, and to the Hamilton area. Spurred by her passionate intensity and engaging teaching, students regularly give her 9 on a 10-point evaluation scale. “I was so enthralled by her course that I decided to pursue a degree in Earth and Environmental Science.” Her colleagues, likewise, have given Carolyn eight significant teaching awards, including the McMaster University President’s Award for Excellence.

Carolyn has been responsible for developing a culture of teaching and learning in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, fostering formal and informal discussions of teaching and learning among colleagues. She disseminates her work nationally and internationally. She helped obtain a three-year grant, funded by Imperial Oil, the Faculty of Science, and the University, resulting in significant enhancements to the teaching and learning environment. One enthusiast summarizes Eyles in seven words: “This course was, hands down, the bomb!”