Nick Bontis (2009)

bontisAffiliation at the time of the award: McMaster University, Strategic Market Leadership.

Citation: “Nick Bontis is a teacher, a textbook, a guide, and a living example of success in the modern business world”—one student summarizes her assessment of this extraordinary professor. Nick has revamped a capstone course, introduced simulations now used in many other business schools, published award-winning cases, and connected with the public through print, radio, and TV. An outstanding educator with a global reputation, Nick has received eleven major teaching awards in six years. He earned McMaster’s outstanding teacher of the year, the faculty’s outstanding undergraduate teacher of the year, the faculty’s outstanding graduate teacher of the year, and the faculty’s researcher of the year—all simultaneously.

Nick regards his courses as “dynamic organisms in search of continual renewal,” leading to reflection, innovation, and student success. A fourth-year Commerce student calls him “the most influential professor I have ever had,” echoing hundreds of similar assessments by other students, regularly giving Nick scores of 9 or 10 on a 10-point teaching evaluation scale. Dean Paul Bates describes a late Monday class: “He has orchestrated a night of enthusiastic life-long learners. He has, once again, imbued a wild passion for learning that is awe-inspiring to all.”