Jim Silcox (2008)

Jim-SilcoxAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Citation: For over 35 years at the University of Western Ontario, Jim Silcox has been teaching future doctors that their patients are human beings, not just constellations of symptoms. Over these years, Jim has balanced demanding administrative positions with excellent, award-winning teaching and humanitarian work. Rich teaching experiences informed his four years as Director of the Faculty Development Office at Western, where he reached over 1,200 medical and dental faculty annually.

Jim’s imaginative clinical teaching inspires students, but keeps them hungry for more. He strives to create a sense of “mpassioned intuitiveness, watching the pleasure that students take from the discovering information for themselves and from recognizing that they have the capacity to integrate that knowledge into their own personal style of communicating.”

Jim has won more than 20 teaching awards. He has a premier teaching room named after him. His approach has inspired the creation of the Jim Silcox Award, given annually to two students who embody the Silcox spirit of passion, honesty, and humanity.>/p>