Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts (2008)

Mercedes-Rowinsky-GuertsAffiliation at the time of the award: Wilfred Laurier University, Languages and Literatures.

Citation: Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts is characterized by her students as energetic, passionate, and compassionate. Students are part of her extended family. For her, students are even more important than the act of teaching itself.

Her passion in class is legendary, and she uses objects, like colourful, hand-made Mexican masks, to introduce her students to the symbolic mysteries of mask-making and mask-painting. They come to experience, thereby, the Spanish language and Mexican culture with all their senses.

Her teaching and research career is marked by a compassionate rigour that allows her to reach out, beyond her subject matter, with a vital energy that touches other people’s lives. Her workshops and presentations are renowned, and her nominators speak of “her vital commanding presence, of her particular energy, of her joie de vivre, her Latin flair, and her utter dedication to her students.” As she writes of herself: “The passion continues!”

3M Speaker
Discipline of Study / Research Field: Languages & Literatures / Active Learning, Formative Feedback, Engaged Learning

Presentation Topic/s:

  • “Teaching Languages in a Changing World: From Passive to Active Learners.”
  • “Technology in Teaching and Learning: The Active Learning Classroom”
  • “Active Learning and High Impact Practices.”
  • “Formative Feedback in Higher Education.”
  • “Mind Mapping in Education.”
  • “Teaching and Learning: Using Portfolios to Assess Student Learning at University.”
  • “Marks? Forget About It! Focusing on Learning: The Use of Portfolios in a Film Course.”
  • “Digital Stories: High Impact Practice and Affective Learning.”