Daniel Pratt (2008)

Dan-PrattAffiliation at the time of the award: University of British Columbia, Educational Studies.

Citation: The whole world seeks out Dan Pratt. His work in the area of teaching perspectives has reached more than 65,000 educators and students in 105 countries, and exists in several languages. His discipline is not only a research passion, but his way of life.

In his teaching philosophy, Dan talks about the values which underlie his work to build a relationship with each learner: “My students come to me with experience and expertise that I can only envy . . . They are the captains of ships that I have never sailed . . . I need to establish a learning environment where it is safe to take risks, to try out tentative understanding . . . I also have to park my ego at the door and enter with a generous portion of humility for what they know that I do not know yet.”

Students write, “You are a light at UBC . . . kind, caring and passionate . . . a master at work!” A winner of the Killam Teaching Award, Dan has been a consummate advocate of curriculum and organizational development and of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

To no one’s surprise, Dan Pratt continues to influence and shape higher education, earning the praise of his peers around the globe and bringing out.

the best in his learners