Robert Lapp (2008)

Robert-LappAffiliation at the time of the award: Mount Allison University, English.

Citation: Robert Lapp doesn’t just teach, says a former student, he “dances”!

A professor of literature, Robert Lapp breathes life into Victorian and Romantic poetry”, reading it aloud for his students as an invitation to lift their eyes from the page and, with a “raised ear,” to engage in the challenging texts. Students flock to his classes. Audiences fill high school gymnasia when he and a colleague weave drama, music, and poetry into an interdisciplinary event.

Reaching out to the community, Robert leads initiatives to enhance links between Mount Allison’s English department and local schools. He models what teaching dedication really means. For Robert, being a teacher means realizing there are no answers, only better phrasings of the questions. Exploration is at the heart of learning.

Already the recipient of institutional and regional teaching awards that recognize his uncompromising passion for teaching and learning, Robert also personifies educational leadership and engagement through his influential workshops and mentorship: “He has changed the way I teach,” says one colleague.

His nominator describes Robert as a gem who radiates joy, generosity, and excitement for his discipline: “Stand beside Robert and you bask in the reflected glow.”