Sorel Friedman (2008)

Sorel-FriedmanAffiliation at the time of the award: Université de Montréal, Études anglaises.

Citation: Sorel Friedman teaches English language and culture to a new generation of diverse students, francophone and others, in a French-language university— with astounding results.

Sorel’s innovations are pathways for any educator who wants to use technology to leverage learning. She is not only fluent “digitally,” reaching students with multimedia, chats, blogs, and videos, but she prompts them to express their learning with the tools they already know, commanding their attention and unleashing their creativity. Sorel is the architect of student podcast productions. She invites them to participate in social bookmarking on the web. She engages students in iTunesU, which allows her to comment on oral presentations.

Motivating and inspiring students is a hallmark of Sorel’s many effective teaching strategies. Students are hooked in real time outside the three-hour class, beyond the 15-week semester. They engage with newsworthy topics, even issues of historical significance. She immerses students globally with their own digital tools.

Teaching on the front lines and connecting students, on their own terms, to all aspects of their language and cultural development have earned Sorel two prix d’excellence en enseignement and the admiration of her peers. Students echo their praise: “She got me to finally love the English language”…”c’est une professeure idéale”… the most talented and passionate teacher that I ever had.”