Katherine Frego (2008)

Kate-FregoAffiliation at the time of the award: University of New Brunswick (Fredricton Campus), Biology.

Citation: As a gardener’s success is measured by the seed’s bearing fruit, Kate believes student learning is the only measure of effective teaching.

Students and colleagues delight in her humour, generosity, and devotion. They call her “the heart and soul of teaching and learning at UNB Saint John.” The list of Kate’s accomplishments is inspiring. She has laid the groundwork for a rich teaching and learning environment: founder and for 11 years the editor of the campus teaching newsletter; chair since 1995 of the Vice-President’s Teaching Excellence Committee; inaugural recipient of her university’s educational leadership award; the only person to receive both of the Atlantic region’s teaching and leadership awards.

A persistent and passionate advocate for teaching excellence, as director of graduate studies in Biology, Kate encourages the department’s graduate students to complete UNB’s Diploma in University Teaching, which she was instrumental in making accessible to the campus.

Kate Frego is a cherished professor who loves what she does. “We view her with great campus affection,” says a former student.