Malgorzata Dubiel (2008)

Malgorzata-DubielAffiliation at the time of the award: Simon Fraser University, Mathematics.

Citation: Malgorzata Dubiel, of the Mathematics Department in Simon Fraser University, is dedicated to teaching mathematics at all levels, to all ages, in all kinds of settings, from market place to mall. Her verbal inventions, The Taste of Pi, Math Camps, Math in the Mall, and Changing the Culture, illustrate her determination to transform attitudes to numeracy. An educational leader, Malgorzata Dubiel’s outreach work has transformed the teaching of mathema-tics and math readiness throughout the entire province. “She is a giant in teaching.”

Malgorzata‘s sets problems that are quirky, delightfully teasing. She breaks into new worlds of myth and magic by inviting them to help Gary slay, in less than ten strokes of an enchanted sword, a magic dragon with three heads and three tails who grows more body parts each time one is cut off—mathematical magic.

Malgorzata instills confidence in those who learn with her. Surveys say that before her math courses, 61% of the entering students lacked confidence in their mathematical skills. After her class, however, 0% lack confidence; 98% are secure in their skills. Her students remark on her integrity, passion, and determination. “Math becomes beautiful!”