Ivan Steiner (2007)

steinerAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine.

Citation: We begin with Ivan Steiner’s voice. His words have affected every one of his supporters. Ivan teaches Emergency Medicine, and trainees must pass his litmus test: “Would I allow you to look after my family members, or me?” These physicians will have reached this important plateau of learning, internalizing his “three stop signs, four questions, and seven points” tool, all of which challenge physicians: “You don’t listen enough.” As a teacher, he talks, but mainly listens, a key to his teaching strategy. He fades into the back-ground, allowing the increasingly confident trainees to work with a minimum of interference. “The MD degree is merely a comma, not a period.” Ivan stresses the social and humane implications of his discipline.

“Teaching is a privilege, not a right!” he insists. Ivan leads and actively enhances medical pedagogy at University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine in Edmonton, and his profound teaching influence reaches across Canada, and beyond, to Luxembourg, Israel and other countries. Scores of presentations, papers, and publications arise from his research and experience, making his work accessible and applicable for the world.

Ivan’s teaching has earned him sixteen major teaching awards, and on Faculty of Medicine student small group evaluations, he has not scored lower than 4.8 (on a 5-point scale). A former student recalls, “Many of ‘the pearls’ of Emergency Medicine I have learned and now teach have come to me, huddled next to critically ill patients, listening to the quiet, steady voice of Dr. Steiner.”