Robert Summerby-Murray (2006)

summerbyAffiliation at the time of the award: Mount Allison University, Geography and Environment.

Citation: Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, says a student, “has a natural way of inspiring greatness.” The essence of Robert the teacher, the colleague, and the citizen is that he talks the talk and walks the walk.

A Geography professor from Mount Allison University, Rob is one of Canada’s leading academic geographers, “devoted to merging geographic research with teaching and the scholarship of teaching,” says a colleague. “He has been a major force of change in academic geography in Canada, developing a coherent whole of teaching, research, and learning at the undergraduate level.”

Dean, Professor, Mentor, Coordinator, Secretary of the Senate, Chair of the Performing Arts Series, Rob Summerby-Murray is not only involved in teaching leadership, he embodies that spirit of leadership and volunteerism. The summary statement of his teaching philosophy shows what he brings to his students and his discipline.

Rob’s passion for teaching extends beyond his classrooms. In the last five years, across the country, from Alberta to Newfoundland, he has made a score of presentations on teaching, and he has published a similar number of papers and books on university teaching.

His students would have given him a national award years ago. “His investment of time and responsibility in me, though I was a B average student, opened the doors to higher levels of excellence and education that I had not previously dreamed of.”

Rob is “a whole person.” And he has a Performer’s Diploma in Pipe Organ!