David Kahane (2006)

kahaneAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Political Science.

Citation: “One of the greatest rewards of teaching and academic leadership is that, building spaces to support my students and colleagues to bring about learning, I get to inhabit these spaces myself.”

His ability to draw others into dialogue is at the heart of David Kahane’s success as an undergraduate teacher and an institutional leader. His passion for conversations about teaching and learning, his humor and energy, his conviction that Philosophy matters deeply, all help students discover and deepen their own motivations to learn. Students, therefore, work very hard, yet they appreciate the process: “The best part of the course is that my prof and my TA are passionate about what they’re teaching. It makes it much easier to learn.”

David works the same magic with colleagues and graduate students. His energy opens spaces for conversation about committee work, or mentoring, or the act of teaching. And it draws attention to the values underlying decisions.

David’s compelling conversations about team teaching in his Philosophy 101 Supersection have brought recognition in the University of Alberta and beyond. In 2003, the Philosophy Supersection teaching team won the University of Alberta’s Unit Teaching Award and the STLHE Alan Blizzard Award for Collaborative Learning. As the Provost describes him, “David is an outstanding, innovative teacher who has developed a highly successful set of approaches to teaching and incorporated these into a range of courses from introductory to advanced levels, taught solo and in teams.”