Robert Burk (2006)

burkAffiliation at the time of the award: Carleton University, Chemistry.

Citation: “I used to hate Chemistry. Thanks to you, I have not only enjoyed the course, but I learned a lot by understanding, not simply memorizing.”

Robert Burk’s 13 years of teaching expertise has been applied to all levels of Chemistry courses. He has devoted most of his efforts to first year introductory Chemistry—known to students worldwide as “Killer Chem.”

In 1992, Bob began teaching “Killer Chem” on instructional television, Carleton’s cable TV channel. It takes a particular talent to teach an effective Chemistry course in a televised format, and to foster learning for science and non-science students alike. Yet, using the various technologies, a live lab on-screen, Bob thoroughly engages the hundreds of students in his course. He even allows his Chem 1000 course to be pod-cast, opening his classroom and his teaching to anyone who wants to view it.

His students and colleagues respect him, giving him the praise his teaching and innovative methods deserve. In ten years, Bob has received nine teaching awards. As one of his many students said, “You are the best first year teacher at Carleton.”

3M Speaker
Presentation topics: Environment chemistry, molecular modelling, the use of new technologies in teaching