Brian Wagner (2005)

WagnerAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Prince Edward Island, Chemistry.

Citation: Students wait in line at pre-registration to make sure they get into Brian Wagner’s first-year chemistry class, and no wonder. From his interactive anonymous quizzes to his writing-across-the-curriculum techniques to his use of real-life research in the classroom, Brian connects the student to chemistry and chemistry to the world. In1998, he won UPEI’s Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching, and his student evaluations include comments like “better than the best” and “Dr. Wagner, you are a chemistry god!”

But Brian’s passion goes beyond chemistry; he was a founding member of UPEI’s Environmental Studies Group, and he team-teaches in the core course of a new Environmental Studies Minor. That collaborative spirit extends to his colleagues on campus and beyond. Even with a heavy load as Chair of his Department, Brian volunteers each year as a teaching mentor in UPEI’s New Faculty Program. A leader in promoting active learning even in large science classes, Brian shares his passion for teaching with international university and college teachers as a facilitator in UPEI’s Faculty Development Summer Institute on Active Learning.

3M Speaker
Discipline of Study / Research Field: Chemistry

Presentation Topic/s: Active learning, in particular the Modified Lecture: incorporating active learning into traditional lecture-based teaching in the sciences and beyond.