Srinivas Sampali (2005)

SampalliAffiliation at the time of the award: Dalhousie University.

Citation: He is known throughout his campus by his nickname, “Srini”. Srini is unique in many ways, not least because his students created an annual award for teaching excellence in his name. He was, of course, the inaugural winner of this award, one of many he has received in recognition of his superlative teaching.

Srini exudes enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism, coupled with a profound love of teaching and of his students who reciprocate with many endorsements of him as “the greatest teacher ever.” Not one negative comment can be found in pages and pages of glowing student assessments . . . they simply love him.

While assuming demanding administrative duties in support of his institution’s computer science program, he continues to teach five courses per year for which his students have rewarded him with an overall average teaching assessment of 4.94 out of 5 over a twelve-year period.

Srini is a prolific contributor to teaching workshops, panel discussions, and faculty orientation sessions. He has made major contributions to Dalhousie’s faculty and student mentoring programs and currently supervises the research activities of a large group of both graduate and undergraduate students.