Andrea Rose (2004)

roseAffiliation at the time of the award: Memorial University.

Citation: For Dr. Andrea Rose, music education is both her work and her life. Her passion for everything musical permeates her speech when she talks about music, and when she expresses it as a violinist with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonia, as the chair of the NSO’s Education Committee, as an artistic director of the Festival 500 International Choral Festival, a music festival adjudicator, as co-author of provincial school music program curricula, and as a singularly gifted post-secondary classroom teacher and a pedagogical scholar.

Andrea’s strength as a distinguished teacher is the result of an unusual fusion of teaching, scholarship, musicianship, and leadership in her teaching practice. She has an extraordinary ability to facilitate her students’ learning through questioning, reflection, and critical inquiry. Andrea is a valued advisor to both students and colleagues and is gifted in her ability to synthesize issues, suggest multiple solutions and generously share both her time and her wisdom.

Andrea is justifiably proud of her role in promoting music and music education in Newfoundland and Labrador : “It is a means to help us understand ourselves and produce our cultural identity.” In multiple ways, both cultural and educational, she has touched the lives of many, many people.