Dana Paramskas (2004)

paramskasAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph, Languages & Literatures, School of.

Citation: «Le passage aux nouvelles méthodologies d’enseignement en ligne et l’abandon de la salle de classe vont-ils mener au rejet de l’humanisme chez les enseignants? Pour Dana Paramskas, l’humanisme est au cour du nouvel enseignement de l’ère électronique.» Dr. Dana Paramskas is truly an extraordinary teacher and scholar. In 1973 she was one of the first to receive an OCUFA Award. She has been a pioneer internationally in the development of on-line language education and computer-assisted second language pedagogy. Twenty-five years ago, she created one of the first computerized French grammar exercises, exercises that are still used on many campuses. In 2002, Dana won an award from the US Continuing Education Association for the best on-line course.

Dana regards second language acquisition as a tool for learning about culture. Her students report that her courses change the way they perceive and act in the world. One student writes that in Dana’s course, she learned how dialect could predispose people to prejudice, which has had a life-long impact on her work as a police officer.

Dana is a visionary leader who has presented scores of papers, seminars, and workshops on pedagogy. At Guelph , she is active in numerous committees on teaching and learning.

3M Speaker
Topic: French Studies/Language and linguistics