John Mitterer (2004)

mittererAffiliation at the time of the award: Brock University, Psychology.

Citation: John Mitterer is known across Canada for his exceptional achievements and tireless efforts to integrate technology into instruction. John has not only worked with cutting edge technology but is on the cutting edge of leveraging technology for effective pedagogical interventions. One of the reasons John has been so successful is his persistent reliance on grounding his practices on sound educational theory.

Dr. Mitterer’s impressive array of academic conference presentations, workshops and consultations continue to attract colleagues who are immeasurably enriched by his expertise. While many have been infected by his energy and enthusiasm, his colleagues especially remember the conversations that have followed his presentations. In this regard, John has also given his time generously to his university and to learned societies inside and outside his discipline.

Dr. Mitterer has developed pedagogical materials in a variety of formats including videodiscs, CD-ROMs, websites, and textbooks. He has also published articles in the field of educational technology, even though his primary discipline is Psychology. His emphasis on scholarly teaching has had a tremendous impact on student learning. He has taken on the challenge of successfully teaching very large classes in introductory psychology, which in his own words is his “favorite pedagogical laboratory”. This success has encouraged many colleagues and countless students to change their views on issues in teaching and learning.